This is a Man's World ...

It’s a dreary October day and yet I find myself in an effulgent meeting room at Daemon HQ. The team are all sat round a large imposing table in the depths of the building and I find myself, the lone female, opposite, adjacent & surrounded by the men. 

We discuss the intricacies & technicalities of all things IT, a subject that I have little understanding of. As a business consultant, I consult on all areas of the business and this can be as far reaching as employment compliance to sourcing business merchandise, contractual law to finding the best people for our organisation globally.

So I should feel out of place, I should feel out of my depth and yet, I don’t. I find myself working with a great bunch of people whose enthusiasm and pride in the business is wholly infectious. Everyone’s opinions matter and it’s a phenomenal team to be a part of.

I'm really honoured to be the Daemon Girl and it’s not just a man’s world, it’s a Daemon world!