apple watch - the future?

So 8 months into Apple Watch ownership and I thought I'd share my thoughts on day-to-day usage. 

The Good


Notifications are in general, excellent. Instant messages pop up on your watch without you having to reach for your phone. I notice that extra few seconds and slight annoyance of having to unlock my phone to read something. Some apps get this wrong and abuse the alerting. Do I really need an alert on my wrist to look at a new kitchen that has been added to Houzz? 

Alerting when done on your wrist becomes much more personal and app developers should tread carefully.


I have the 'Sport' model and I cannot fault the aesthetics. I think it looks great and in general is comfortable to wear. I do find the strap annoying when exercising, but this is the case with any watch I have tried. The white strap I have is a little tough to keep clean.

The Bad


Looking at your watch can be considered rude. If a notification buzzes whilst you are in a meeting it is hard to resist the urge to look at the watch. The perception that this gives is that you are checking the time and that you are possibly bored. I have had adapt my behaviour to be discrete or just to ignore it.


Reading messages is fine. Responding is understandably tough. The voice dictation works reasonably well, I just feel like a fool when I speak into a watch...


I have only taken two calls on the watch ever. It sucks. It's a novelty. The sound quality is too poor to be of use.


It was a mistake to allow non-native applications. When you have something on your wrist you are hyper-sensitive to performance. Five seconds feels like minutes. Where as you have a few seconds tolerance on a phone for an app to open, on a watch this is zero. I feel this has undermined the whole product. 


A massive disappointment in this area for me. I am a very active person and the Apple Watch just fails here for me. The heart-rate monitor is flakey and samples your heart rate at seemingly random intervals, if at all. From an activity tracking perspective, the big fail is the lack of GPS. It is a glorified pedometer, it counts steps based on calibration, which is what I was doing with Nike+ 5 years ago.I have been known to wear my Garmin, the Apple Watch and carry my iPhone to cover all bases. The Apple Watch doesn't touch most modern GPS watches for sports. 


For me most apps are useless. I rarely open any of them. In fact it has been weeks since I found the need to use an app on the watch. They are tough to identify from the small logs and I am much more likely to reach for my iPhone. As previously mentioned, most of them are too slow.


I was asked yesterday if I would recommend buying one. My answer was no.I don't feel like I "need" this device. It doesn't improve things enough for me to recommend it. I will still wear it, but I like good old fashioned, swiss watches too, as well as my Garmin GPS too. I find myself alternating between timepieces, just as I did before I got the Apple Watch. It's not a bad device, I am just not sure what problem it is trying to fix. With additional sensors it could be a useful sports watch, but in my opinion current model just doesn't cut it.