Run Steve, Run.

It was a cold but sunny Saturday morning on the 30th April 2016. One of our ‘Daemonites’ found himself stood amongst a throng of people on the banks of the River Thames at Richmond.  He was about to embark on a near-impossible task – to run 100 miles in 24 hours from Richmond to Oxford along the banks of the Thames for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

For those of you that know Steve Bennett, you will know that this is not his first epic challenge for charity. 2014 saw him complete the Jurassic Coastal Challenge for Great Ormond Street and last year he ran the Marathon Des Sables for Motor Neurone Disease. These were both monumental tasks but TP100 was going to push Steve to limits he didn’t even know he was capable of.

And so the klaxon sounded at 10am and Steve was on his way…. Just the 100 miles to go winding along the banks of the Thames! He battled the course with such ferocity that by 8pm, he found himself at the half point at Henley on Thames. Now though, the real battle began. As the sun set & the darkness fell, the temperature dropped to only 1°C. 

Just sit back for a minute and try to comprehend what it must feel like to run miles 60 to 85 in the pitch black, exhaustion battling every inch of your body and mental stamina taking on its biggest battle. That’s what Steve did but still he kept on going.

As the dawn chorus started to sound at just after 4am and the light began to appear on the horizon, Steve found himself in the most incredible pain but his sheer mindedness pushed him on. His body & mind were screaming at him to stop … this is not what we were built to do … and yet, for those that know our Steve, giving up was NEVER an option.

At 9.04am on Sunday 1st May, Steve crossed the finish line in a herculean time of 23 hours and 4 minutes. He had done it! He was battered & broken but he had completed something that the majority of us cannot even comprehend whilst raising an extraordinary amount of money for the Teenage Cancer trust.  

So all the Daemon team would like to say a huge congratulations to Steve.

We we are incredibly proud him … he is a legend!