Measurement is key to DevOps success

Recently I have been researching if there are any learnings that can be taken from the automotive industry and applied to DevOps and other areas of IT. I came across an excellent video which showed the build process of a Tesla Model S. One key thing I took from the video (apart from all the awesome robots) was;

Their factory processes are constantly evolving to improve efficiency.

This made me go back to one of our core DevOps principles... Measurement.

How can you improve what you don't measure?

In many ways the development capability of a company is like an automotive factory. However, ideas go in and features go out, rather than sheets of metal being turned into cars.

Well implemented DevOps decreases the time it takes to get from idea to production delivery.

At Tesla they understand the precise timings of their production line and can demonstrate improvements over time. This goes for quality as well as time improvements.It can be a waste of time investing in DevOps when you don't really understand where the real problems are and which ones to tackle first.

Do you know exactly how long each part of your delivery process takes right now? Have you analysed where the bottlenecks are? Are you going after the real inefficiencies or just installing shiny tools?

DevOps benefits should be tangible and measured.

You might be surprised at how many organisations are investing in DevOps without measuring process and tackling the real bottlenecks.

Are you?

Here's that Tesla Video...