Daemon Solutions Charity Day 2016

At the inaugural Daemon Solutions charity day, the Daemonites were on a mission to down all things IT and don all things paint! It was time for us to give a little bit back. 

Through the national Give & Gain Day, we found ourselves working with St Christopher’s Fellowship, a registered charity that provides care and accommodation to vulnerable and homeless young people through children’s homes, supported housing schemes and fostering placements.


The ‘Leaving Care’ home we were charged with decorating is an 8 bedroom home for children between the ages of 16 – 18. It is a place that the children go to after either finishing up in foster care or a children’s home. As well as giving the children somewhere to live, they also teach the children basic life skills like cooking, cleaning & managing a budget. It is an impressive project that’s does great things for really vulnerable kids.


Was to decorate 4 rooms within the care home; the lounge, the kitchen & 2 bathrooms. So with our t-shirts adorned, we tackled the task with great aplomb as these weren’t just your average sized rooms… oh, no … the building is probably 150 years old & with that brings very high ceilings! So it’s fair to say that all the Daemonites found themselves improvising and many found themselves wearing as much paint as the walls they were painting!

Come midday and we found ourselves ahead of the game so tackled an additional shower room & another kitchen with as much precision as we could muster.

So with heavy muscles at the end of the day, we finished our task and were immensely proud of what we had managed to achieve for the children.

‍It was such a pleasure to ‘do our bit’… something we will all take a lot of pride from and, now, a permanent feature in the Daemon calendar… 

If anyone else is brave enough to let us loose!