5 Things I Took Away From The Retail Week Tech & eCom Conference

I thought I would share some insight that I gained from the Retail Week Tech & eCommerce 2015 over the last couple of days.

1) Christmas peak is coming - A great talk from Shop Direct CIO Andy Wolfe about what they are doing to delivery a seamless service for peak. - Remember - if you are worried about Christmas... Daemon work with major brands to get them ready for peak traffic. 

2) No one has really bridged the gap between digital and bricks and mortar. FootClicks have an interesting product based around "Sensor Fusion" which is playing in this space and gave some useful insight into how the likes of Target have a social media feed like interface to their app that re-orders based on in-store location. That looked pretty cool, but overall IMHO, this still has not been cracked.

3) Facebook are dominating. The stats which came out of Martin Harbech's talk were impressive to say the least. 1 in 4 minutes spent on a mobile are spent on Facebook. 70% of smart phone users check Facebook within 5 minutes of waking up. Even in 4 years time, bricks and mortar will still account for 80% of all purchases. What is changing is the influence that digital technologies have on B&M purchasing. Facebook are gambling on the Virtual/Augmented Reality being the next big thing in their evolution (Text->Photo->Video->VR/AR). Time to dust off the Oculus Rift...

4) The tactile internet is coming. Mischa Dohler spoke about what he believe will be the next phase in internet evolution. Where doctors will be able to perform operations remotely and engineers will be able to mend equipment over great distances using connected robotics. The internet that you can touch. Some hurdles to overcome... One being the fact that the mind likes to have a minimum of 1ms lag to operate things seamlessly, the speed of light means that 1ms limits this distance to 100km. Bit of an issue there...

5) TwentyCI gave a really interesting talk about life-stages. This is the concept of mapping out key life events, such as moving house and the impact that this has on the buying cycle for certain products. They demonstrated how timely marketing at key points in these stages can create a huge difference in conversion.